Bold Hair Colors for Men: The New Trend

Men Are Now Exploring Alternative Hair Colors

While it’s no secret that men have been dying their hair to blend/cover grays, hair color for men has evolved a great deal. I love it when my male clients want to do something daring. Who wants “regular” or “normal” hair, when bold hair colors for men are now an option? Bold hair colors for men are fashion accessories, like a good pair of shoes and designer jeans.

Bold Hair Colors for Men:

Dirty Ash Blonde

Enrique (it’s so weird to write about someone with my same name) gave me a call one day because he needed help toning down his hair color. He had recently gotten his hair bleached, but he was afraid the the resulting shade of blonde was not right for work. I asked him to text me a photo of his current hair color and a photo of a hair color he would like and below are the photos.


Enrique expressed a desire to keep his hair light, but was not opposed to going darker. Ideally his target color was an ultra ash dirty blonde. His major concern was that the color look good on him.

Recently I discovered an ultra ash blonde permanent hair color (that I have also been using as a toner) with an extreme violet base that has been working wonders on eliminating yellow on blondes. Generally, I leave the toner on hair for maybe 1-3 minutes. In this case,  I left the color on his hair for a total of 45 minutes. The longer the toner was on the hair, the better the color looked! The result you can see below was a grayish violet blonde that was a hit at Enrique’s job!

bold hair colors for men salon in long beach

Enrique’s hair color after coming to Glamarama…pretty close to his target color!

Bold Hair Colors for Men:


bold hair colors for men salon in long beach


Francisco came into my salon one day to ask me about how to dye his hair green. Given that in addition to my salon I have a small beauty supply, I could have sold him all the supplies he would need for this task. However, having witnessed so many disasters in my career as a hairstylist and colorist when it comes to DIY hair color, I warned Francisco that this could go terribly wrong especially since he had no experience coloring his own hair. He made an appointment to come in the next day. I did some balayage highlights on him, then finished off the color with a green toner that had made his hair color deep and vibrant.

As you can see, bold hair colors for men are definitely on trend. Make an appointment at Glamarama Hair Salon in Long Beach and don’t be afraid to try something new!



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