Bored of Blonde Hair Color? No Problem.

After years of looking the same, there comes a time for change. They say that blondes have more fun, but many of my clients get bored of blonde hair color. It’s fun to change things up. If you’re bored of blonde hair color, there are many options out there for you. Just be ready to reveal a side of yourself you might not have ever seen before.

What to do When You’re Bored of Blonde Hair Color?

Veronica contacted me when she was considering saying goodbye to her blonde tresses for a completely new look. My initial instinct was to suggest a strawberry blonde shade that would bring out the green in her hazel eyes and compliment her fair olive toned skin. I was excited when she told me that strawberry blonde was exactly what she had in mind (it’s a great sign when a hairstylist and their client are in sync!).

Below you can see Veronica’s before and after photo from her first visit to Glamarama Beauty in Long Beach and you can really see how changing your hair color can make a huge difference in complementing your skin tone and bringing out your eye color.

Bored of Blonde Hair Color?

Try Strawberry Blonde!


bored of blonde hair color salon in long beach ca


After getting so many compliments on her new color, for Veronica’s second visit she wanted to go even redder and a touch darker.

bored of blonde hair color salon in long beach ca

And on her third visit, even redder and darker!

bored of blond hair color

I love changing my client’s image from visit to visit, even if it’s a small change. Subtle changes can make a world of difference.

If you are currently bored with blonde hair color, or any other color for that matter, visit our portfolio and makeovers pages for inspiration.

Feel free to make an appointment at Glamarama Beauty in Long Beach when you are ready to discover a new you.

See you soon!



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