Need a Color Correction Salon in Long Beach?

If you’ve colored your own hair with box color from the drug store, I’m sure that you’ve suffered through the embarrassment of your hair color turning out completely different than the color the box promised. You thought you’d get a perfect honey color or even platinum hair but you were left with brassy, orange, and essentially hideous hair. Despite hair disaster after hair disaster we’ve all seen (some much worse than others), people keep doing DIY hair color experiments that turn out horrible. So if you’re looking for a color correction salon in Long Beach, you’ve landed on the right webpage!

Celebrity endorsements and false promises bundled with unrealistic expectations lead people to believe that a $10 product will give them the same results they would expect at the hands of an expert colorist. If you believe that, you need a reality check gurrrl!

Looking for a Color Correction Salon in Long Beach?

In order to showcase one of the possible scenarios of DIY hair color, I did an experiment with one of my long-time clients, Olivia.

Olivia has been coloring her hair black for years to cover up gray at her roots. She recently expressed interest in lightening all of her hair, so I gave her an offer she could not resist. I promised a color correction in exchange for trying out a home bleach kit (the brand will remain anonymous). With thick and resistant Asian hair and an adventurous spirit, I knew Olivia was a good candidate for this task.

Here is Olivia’s “before” photo:

And these are the results of the home bleach kit, which Olivia selected by herself at the drugstore and applied without my help. She was definitely in need of a color correction salon in Long Beach after this fiasco!

The roots are yellow, the mid shaft is orange and the ends are dark brown—a nightmarish mix of shades. There’s a reason why hair colorists receive massive amounts of training in color theory and hair coloring techniques to create the perfect hair color—and the reason is that it’s not simple.

I don’t think Olivia will ever again try to lighten her own hair again. But if she does, she has a color correction salon in Long Beach just around the corner!

The result after a 5 hour color correction was a beautiful mocha brunette that complements her skin tone with subtle caramel balayage for depth. A haircut to frame her face and a natural makeup application were the icing on the cake!

Here are Olivia’s “after” photos:

My goal in writing this is to educate consumers and urge them to use common sense. I am sure there are people out there that have figured out how to get the perfect hair color with drug store products, but I am confident this is a small minority of individuals.

It’s likely that you have a better chance of buying a winning lottery ticket than getting JLo’s hair color out of a box. Use those $10 you’d spend on box color and get yourself a lottery ticket—and save yourself the headache of looking for a color correction salon in Long Beach.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this hair experiment. Take a look at my Portfolio and Makeovers to see some more of my work. Contact me if you need a color correction salon in Long Beach.

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