Ideas for Fixing Bangs Cut Wrong

Most of you have been there, you get inspired by the latest social media tutorial that shows you how to cut the perfect bangs and the result is not cute. Many of my clients have tried their hand at cutting their own bangs with varying degrees of success.  But what do you do when the result of your DIY haircut is terrible and you need help fixing bangs cut wrong?

You either need to figure out ways to hide those unflattering bangs with accessories like pins or hats until they grow out…or you need to contact an experienced stylist ASAP. In most cases, fixing bangs cut wrong is not impossible as long as your still have hair to work with and your expectations are realistic. Below you can see some ways that some of my more adventurous clients tried to create their own bangs and how I helped them fix their DIY haircut.

Idea 1 to Fixing Bangs Cut Wrong:

Full Blunt Bangs

fixing bangs cut wrong

Idea 2 to Fixing Bangs Cut Wrong:

Bettie Page Bangs

fixing bangs cut wrong

Visit Glamarama Beauty’s portfolio and makeovers to see more looks created on our clients.

If you got a little scissor happy and now you need help fixing bangs that you cut wrong, don’t worry there’s a solution! If you are curious about what Glamarama Beauty can do for your DIY haircut disaster, then give me a call to make an appointment.


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