How to Get Perfect Beach Hair

Almost on a daily basis I get requests from my clients to teach them how to get perfect beach hair. This chic and laid-back look pairs well with anything you wear, from casual to dressy. It’s no wonder that learning how to achieve this hairstyle should be high on everyone’s to-do list! Without further ado, here are the steps I take at Glamarama Beauty to create this look for my clients.

  1. It all starts with the right haircut. It will be much easier to get perfect beach waves if your hair is layered in a way that allows the waves to lay on top of each other. Generally, it’s best to cut hair when it is dry and start off with scissors for precise shape and finish the haircut with a razor to add texture.
  2. You need the right products. Glamarama Beauty carries Aquage hair care as our exclusive product line. To make this simple, you need a great shampoo and conditioner that caters to your hair needs. From there, I like to prep my clients’ hair with Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment and blow dry about 90% of moisture from the hair using just your hands, allowing your natural texture to come out.
  3. You need the right tools. Once you’ve dried out the moisture, section your hair off into medium sized sections that are about as wide as the barrel of the curling iron you will be using. Twirl the hair in different directions so your curls don’t have a specific pattern. I recommend Paul Mitchell Pro Tools. Spray each section with Aquage Beyond Body Sealing Spray for the perfect amount of hold. Run your fingers through your hair until AFTER you’ve finished curling all your hair. Spray Aquage Sea Salt Spray all over your hair to bring out the texture and voila!

Get Perfect Beach Waves at Glamarama!
get perfect beach hairget perfect beach hair

get perfect beach hair

get perfect beach hair

Visit Glamarama Beauty’s portfolio and makeovers to see more looks created on our clients.

I hope this entry has helped you in your plight to get perfect beach waves. If you are curious about what Glamarama Beauty can do for your look, then give me a call to make an appointment.


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