Natural Looking Balayage Highlights


If you’re someone that’s looking for a low-maintenance hair color idea that will brighten up your face, then natural looking balayage highlights may be just the thing for you! Unlike drastic hair color changes that require regular root touch-ups, natural looking balayage highlights are placed on your hair so that they perfectly blend with your base color.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a freehand coloring technique where color is placed by hand in selected pieces throughout your hair. No need for foils or (gasp!) highlighting caps of yesteryear. Balayage allows your hair artist to place custom “lighting” to bring forward your best features and also accentuate your haircut.

Natural Looking Balayage Highlights

Created at Glamarama

Natural Looking Balayage Highlights
Natural Looking Balayage HighlightsNatural Looking Balayage HighlightsNatural Looking Balayage Highlights


Natural Looking Balayage Highlights

Visit Glamarama Beauty’s portfolio and makeovers to see more looks created on our clients.

I hope this entry has inspired you to look into natural looking balayage highlights. If you are curious about what Glamarama Beauty can do for your look, then give me a call to make an appointment.


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